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You can choose the option to order in advance the home moving or moving your business, known as office moving. It is profitable and convenient way, since it gives us the possibility to pick up the best and convenient car for cargo transportation, negotiate with the loaders in advance, calculate the optimal route and give you a discount from our company for cargo transportation and moving service in Kiev and Kyiv region

Product Delivery from the stores

Have you ever come across the fact that the transportation of furniture was delayed by the manufacturer due to the lack of cars? Do you need to wait for delivery till the weekend if you can order appliance transportation just right now? These questions did not arise by chance. We have analyzed all requests for cargo transportation from our clients and have come to a conclusion that large stores and shop malls often cannot cope with the load. That’s why the transport of your cabinet or the transport of building materials are postponed for several days, or additional funds are asked to be payed for urgent delivery. In this case, it will be more profitable for you to order the transportation of goods in our company. Neat loaders, new cars and discounts for regular customers will pleasantly surprise you.

And for the most demanding clients, we have a special service – groupage cargo. If it is not cost-effective to call a truck to transport a bicycle or transport a washing machine, we can choose a day for you when the driver will be in your area. We are quite sure, that moving a sofa or moving a wardrobe can be quite affordable if you schedule it with us.

Frequently selected cargo transportation:

  • Delivery from Epicenter
  • Delivery from Agromat
  • Delivery from New Line
  • Delivery from Leroy merlin
  • Jysk delivery
  • Delivery from Eldorado
  • Delivery from Foxtrot
  • Delivery with Comfy

Does your business need constant transportation?

We can become your partners in cargo transportation. Since you have paid attention to this block on the logistics of cargo transportation, you are probably looking for a solution for the delivery of your cargo from a warehouse to retail outlets. Our company is ready to provide a commercial offer for cooperation in the field of cargo transportation, calculate the logistics of cargo transportation based on your volumes and set the most loyal price for partner cargo transportation. We have big experience in deliveries and cargo transportation in Kiev and Kyiv region, all machines are equipped with fasteners and rigging rails. Cooperation in cargo transportation with us will become a link between your business and additional income. Leave the logistics to us.